Let’s get tight with Tightn’ Up! TV!

Let’s get tight with Tightn’ Up! TV!

We, the players of #TUP, are exploring new modes of connection through the creation of Tightn’ Up! Television – wonderfully edited by our own Mikol Hatter!

We want to share with our fellow Funkateers more of
our journey as professional indie band, including our inspirations and concert shenanigans. We love how our collective personalities make for a truly funky family and we genuinely love making music together.

Mikol, Mayadia, Brandon, Lou and Urica encourage you to watch a few clips from our first episodes of TIGHTN’ UP! TELEVISION!

Take a little time and lets #gettight.

Dig it so far? Thanks, and we have more! You can go to our Facebook page or our YouTube channel for more. 🙂 

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