The first single is here. Listen.

Our song is here.

From the players of  Tightn’ Up! ~

We appreciate each of you…

like, for REAL. 

You have come to shows, connected with our sound, & shared us with your friends as we created our first body of work.

the wait is almost over.        yaaaaaaaaaaassss!

The first single is here.  Yes… #tudgaf


The lead single from our debut is Goosebumps.  It’s a soulful, funky tale of the heart tingle.

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Goosebumps – lyrics by Tightn’ Up!

[Intro] – Ooooo Oh Oh Oh Oh

[Verse 1]
The deviant in me
Would like to turn you down
So I’d feel like I’d beaten my own desire
When I see you smile
Cuz it still calls me
Each time I see you I tickle with glee
And my mind wanders off to thoughts of what our love would feel like

You give me Goosebumps (4x)

[Verse 2]
I think of you daily
I write of you sometimes
Berate myself of shady thoughts of taking you
From behind closed doors
Oooo the deviant in me
Wants you to come to my door
Anytime you want to share a piece of your heart
Come find me

You give me Goosebumps (4x)

The deviant in me
Wants you to sleuth
Come find me
The deviant in me
Wants you to sleuth
Come find me (2x)

[Intro Reprise] – Ooooo Oh Oh Oh Oh
You give me goosebumps (4x)

Produced by – Tightn’ Up!
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Digital Warehaus Studios by Steven Finley
Copyright 2017 by Tightn’ Up!

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